Friday, April 21, 2006


Bits and Pieces

I usually write about one particular thing, but today I have a bunch of short notes to put together, so I'll make this a "bits and pieces" entry.

  • The Washington Post reports about another study that determines that driver distraction is the cause of most car crashes. Studies are useful for these things, of course, to drive the point home (as it were), but this isn't rocket science. When you're on the road, drive. Don't fiddle with the phone or the CD player; don't read, put on makeup, or shave; don't be dealing with the kids in the back seat. Drive.
  • How should we deal with mentally ill people who commit crimes? Is prison more appropriate than a mental hospital, or less so? Can we say that a delusional person nevertheless knew what he was doing... and does that make a difference in how we should sentence him? I don't know the answers to these, and am torn in my opinion, but it's something the Supreme Court is dealing with right now. I hope they can make more sense of it than I can.
  • Washington State University at Vancouver gave a war and nobody came. Specifically, they paid former Attorney General John Ashcroft $27,000 (a $36,000 cost when you include other expenses) and only sold 100 tickets. The head of the college Republican group said that Ashcroft "is not an exciting character for a lot of people." I should say.
  • The New York Times opines that the changes Bush is making to his staff are of little consequence, in that the top bozos will remain. "Metaphors of deck chairs abound," they say. I agree.
  • A batch of popular musicians are putting anti-Bush songs on their recordings these days. In addition to the well known stuff from the Dixie Chicks and Madonna, new releases by the likes of Neil Young, Pink, and Pearl Jam oppose the president musically.
  • This week's Fox News poll has King George's approval rating down to 33%. 60% like Condi, though. Hm.
  • Yesterday before I left the office, the Weather Widget said it was 78F outside. When I got into my car, I saw that the trip odometer showed 78.0 miles. Is there any meaning in that?
  • Centers peel & trail and ah-so, ends O-O and trade.

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