Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Equal pay

Today is the day that women catch up with men. For 2005. That is, if you start from January 2005 and look at what men got paid for their work through December... statistically, women in those same jobs will reach that same pay today. Today, the 25th of April. Today, 115 days into 2006.

I don't have the figures for it, but I think it isn't as bad in my industry, computer technology, as in the work world as a whole. And it isn't as bad in my company, IBM. IBM, in policy and in practice, does everything it can to correct old inequities in this area and to avoid new ones. That's necessary, but not sufficient; that helps, but more is needed. Every leader of every business must do the same:

Murphy argues that every chief executive or head of an organization needs to look at payroll and see if there is a systematic underpayment of women in various job categories.

When "catch up day" moves back to the 31st of December, we'll be there. Until then, and as long as anyone is being paid less or has less opportunity for advancement for any reason unrelated to job performance, we still have work to do.

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