Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The madness of King George

According to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, King George is at his nadir with respect to popularity. Specifically, more Americans think he's doing a horrible job than ever before. The poll says that 38% approve of the job Bush is doing, while — and this is especially telling — 60% disapprove (that leaves only 2% on the fence).

The poll goes on to consider congress: only 35% approve of the way congress is doing its job, and 55% plan to vote for the Democrat in their House district.

On the issues, the party people trust to best handle them right now is the Democratic party:

    Dems  Repubs
Iraq 49%42%
Terrorism 46%45%
Economy 49%43%
Immigration +12% 
Health Care +32% 
Govt Corruption +25% 

Even on the issue of terrorism, where the Cowboy in Chief has so far been holding the lead, the parties are now even in the public eye.

This is good news, albeit a year and a half late. Now the Democrats need to take that to the real polls in November and take out country back from the right-wing fanatics who've trashed it for the last five years. Don't blow it now, Dems.

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