Thursday, April 27, 2006


NYC anti-war march

On Saturday, I'll be participating in an anti-war march organized by ActForChange. Here's why:

  • I participated in the February 2003 march to try to keep us out of war in the first place, I still believe that our policy is wrong, and I still believe that by stating that clearly, in large numbers, we can affect our country's policy and effect change.
  • I see our country continuing on this wrong path — look at King George's insistence on leaving open the possibility of invasion of Iran — and I believe we must replace our leaders and return to policies that coincide with what the United States is about.
  • I think numbers are important here. If we have 200 people saying this, we can be dismissed as a handful of leftist nuts. If we have 2000 people, it's a little harder, but we still aren't enough to make people listen. With 100,000 or more, we can't be dismissed or ignored.
  • We have to stand up for what we believe in, and participating in protest marches is one way to do that. (I also write my legislators, I write publicly here, and I vote. Yes, every vote matters.)

I want to do my part to declare our current policy wrong, to help replace our leadership with a better one, and to make the numbers impossible to ignore. Don't you?

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