Wednesday, May 17, 2006


lo que quiero

Over here, in "destinations", Janeen writes a brief entry about "lo que quiero" (what I want):

All I want is to see everything—each moment—for exactly what it is, and to not be afraid of it.
I like the thought, and I wanted to expand on it, as sort of a "theme and variations".

lo que hago

I do the best I can at everything. What I do isn't always the best that can be done, but it's the best that I can do. I don't go halfway.

lo que digo

La verdad. The truth, as I see it. It's what I say here, and it's what I try to say always.

lo que tengo

Paz, salud, alegría. Friends. Happiness.

lo que necesito


lo que oigo

Música, siempre. The music of life, and the life of music, all around.

lo que veo

Belleza. En los árboles. En las estrellas. En las caras. En todas las cosas.

lo que siento

Poder. There's an old song by Chicago called "We Can Make It Happen."

lo que creo

I believe that most people are good, and want good. I believe most people want peace. And, therefore, I believe it can happen.

lo que espero

That it will happen.

lo que sé

That we have to work together to make it happen.


lo que pienso

That Janeen did it better. Simplicidad es poder.