Saturday, June 24, 2006


Brian, and The Positive Blog

Back in February, I commented about my friend Brian Peacock, from IBM's Hursley lab in the UK. Brian had developed a health issue, making him — and me — think about things in a different way.

I'm pleased to say that Brian's recovering well and is back at work now! And he now has a blog, currently on IBM's developerWorks site, which he calls The Positive Blog (that link will redirect you). He's currently re-posting the health-related posts that he gave us inside IBM, and he aims to move to talking about technology as he gears back into work.

Go have a look and say "hi"; I know he'd like to get comments from people who read what he's saying. I think y'all might find his thoughts on his recovery interesting, and he'll soon be posting things about software development, home automation, and whatnot.

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