Saturday, July 15, 2006


Want to work for DHS?

Are you a computer security expert?
Are you American?
Would you like a new job?
Could you deal with having bosses who are insane Republican wingnuts?
OK, then, we have the perfect job for you: Why not apply to be the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for cybersecurity?

One year after the Department of Homeland Security created a high-level post for coordinating U.S. government efforts to deal with attacks on the nation's critical technological infrastructure, the agency still has not identified a candidate for the job.
Critics say the year-long vacancy is further evidence that the administration is no better prepared for responding to a major cyber-attack than it was for dealing with Hurricane Katrina, leaving vulnerable the information systems that support large portions of the economy [...].

You'd better hurry, though, because despite the fact that the position's been unfilled for a year, it looks like it might get snapped up soon:

George W. Foresman, DHS undersecretary for preparedness, assured critics that DHS is "in the final stretch" of approving a candidate.

Of course, your bosses would be Michael Chertoff and King George himself, which apparently has been a problem in their search:

One candidate — Guy Copeland, vice president for information infrastructure at a California-based Computer Sciences Corp. — said he was among nearly a dozen similarly qualified industry experts who were approached. He said he declined for personal and financial reasons, but he noted that others were apparently eliminated for political or professional considerations.

It's not that I really think they care whether they pick the right candidate for the job (they obviously find it more important to get someone who agrees with them than to get someone who knows what she's doing). It's that I really would like to see someone I can respect in that job.

Any takers?

Update, 18 September: Too late... the position has been filled

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