Saturday, August 19, 2006


Le monde sans fil

I'm at a C3-level square dance weekend in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. It's at the Cherry Ridge Campsites, which was opened many years ago by a couple of square dance callers, but was bought some ten or twelve years ago by a family that moved here from Harrisburg, and it's been run splendidly by them since. The place had been known for having damp cabins that were either too hot or too cold, for not having enough hot water for proper showers in the morning, and just for being a place that you barely tolerated because you wanted to come dance. The Waiter family has turned that around, making it quite a pleasant place. There's little change to see from the outside, but the cabins are nicer and in better repair, the rooms all have heaters and ceiling fans, the water heaters are adequate to the task, and there are lots of other small things that have improved since the old days.

And this is amazing: This little place in Middle-of-Nowhere, PA, now has installed a wireless network on the campground! Open, free. So here I am. Way cool. I thought I wouldn't be able to blog today because of the lack of Internet access. And I can!

Of course, since I hadn't planned on it, and because I'm heading back to the dance hall soon, I really have nothing to say, so this is all you get. I could say that the Friday night and Saturday morning dance sessions were very good, and the remainder of the weekend promises the same. So I'll say that. Challenging puzzles, nice material. I've been looking forward to this weekend, and I'm not disappointed.

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