Thursday, August 17, 2006


Web page design

If you stopped in at Bun and Noodle Booksellers, got yourself a cappuccino, and started browsing the stacks, and you found a book that seemed to be interesting... but it had light-grey type on medium-grey pages... would you buy it? I wouldn't, and yet I just came across a blog (which I won't visit again) that had just that. And I've seen more outlandish combinations, such as red-on-blue disasters that we learned in grade school was a difficult thing for the brain to sort out, and combined splashes of clashing colours that even Jackson Pollock wouldn't have put on the same canvas.

Apart from colour, web pages often sport combinations of font styles that look worse than clownish, blinking text that you can't get rid of, layouts that make it impossible to find anything, and all manner of other horrors. And we're not just talking about pages done by 12-year-olds; some of this stuff is thrown at us by businesses that are actually trying to attract customers with it.

Not everyone is a design maven, 'tis true. But surely, most can at least tell when something's hard to read. Or maybe some of this is perfectly pleasant to those with younger eyes. Maybe it's all just another sign that I'm getting older....

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Well, not unless I'm just getting older, too, which I suppose is possible!