Saturday, September 23, 2006


The Name Game

How 'bout David?...

David, David, bo-Bavid,

Let's do Chuck!...
I saw a mini-van from a plumbing company yesterday morning that prompted me to write an entry about apt or amusing names.
  • Local Guy Plumbing, the one that inspired this. Isn't that a great name? "Damn sink's leaking again. I better call the Local Guy!" It works. I love it.
  • Millenium Contracting, owner of another minivan that I often see on the road, sits on the other side of the line. With products called "Arrid" and "Mop & Glo", one has to consider that misspellings are sometimes intentional. Somehow, I don't think this one is.
  • There used to be a business in New Jersey called Nice Jewish Boy Moving and Storage. They had the phone number 1-800-NICE-BOY. (I see they still exist in Florida and other places. The phone number is now answered by "Moishe's Moving".)
  • I'm so bummed that Stupid Evil Bastard beat me (and everyone else) to the best blog name (and the best tag line) on the planet.
  • When I lived in the D.C. area, the Montgomery County (MD) police chief was named Bernard Crooke. WaPo columnist Bob Levey used to have an occasional column of "Perfect-Fit Last Names", and Chief Crooke always showed up there. (He was an excellent police chief, and well liked... and, sadly, he died quite young of a heart attack.)
  • During that same period, my dentist was Marvin Beitler. (Dr Beitler retired about 20 years ago.)
  • A well-known gynecologist in the D.C. area at the time was Dr Harry Beaver. (Yes, really. I couldn't make this stuff up.)
...and there isn't any name that I can't rhyme!

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