Tuesday, October 31, 2006



To usher in Halloween, I give you, with but little comment, this wonderful web page about Halloween from a Christian-fanatic nut-job point of view:

Do you think this is GOOD in the sight of God? Perhaps you've never stopped to think about God's reaction to horror houses and creep shows and tarot card readers and witches. Perhaps you think Cinderella's fairy godmother is a "good witch". Maybe the "Wizard" of Oz is your favorite movie. Maybe in the old days you watched, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir". That is necromancy—intercourse with the dead. Necromancer is a Bible word (e.g., Deu 18:11). I used to be very ignorant of all righteousness. When I was of the world, I probably watched more occult than most people. May I counsel you to shake the fuzz out of your head? What we often call "nostalgia" are the remnants of sorceries that have been worked on us. If you claim to know Christ will you stop to consider WHAT GOD THINKS?
Well, no, to be honest: I have never stopped to think about God's reaction. Imagine.

But now that I've been moved to think about it, I'm quite sure of God's reaction: She thinks it's all a hilarious bunch of great fun, and that this guy, no longer "of the world", is now of the loony bin.

The jolliest Halloween wishes to all. Have a blast!

Hat tip to Jason at Positive Liberty.

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Ray said...

"That is necromancy—intercourse with the dead."

Well, intercourse as in conversation, though I doubt the lame-brain has the wit to make the distinction between necromancy and necrophilia. Or perhaps I'm just being niggardly.