Thursday, November 16, 2006


Not O.J. again!

I'm not one to call for boycotts. I'm not sure why not; maybe I think they're usually lame. But here's something worth boycotting: O.J. Simpson's new book, its publisher, and any organization that promotes it.

The book is titled, "If I did It, Here's How It Happened", it's published by Harper Collins, and it's due out at the end of the month. It ought to be titled, "OK, You Suckers, You Knew I Was Guilty and You Were Right, But I Beat the System and You Can't Touch Me Now, Nyah-Nyah!"

It's not the first time someone's been guilty but has been acquitted. It's not the first time someone's gotten away with murder. And, in fact, I think that's a better outcome than the alternative — that our system is better than one that's biased toward conviction.

What's appalling is the idea that he can profit from it, that he can write a book, get an "exclusive" interview on Fox, and then run the talk circuit, all while spitting on the graves of the people he killed and thumbing his nose at the judicial and social system that let him go.

  1. Don't buy the book.
  2. Don't buy other books from Harper Collins.
  3. Write to Harper Collins and tell them so, and why.
  4. Write to Fox and tell them that giving Simpson air time is amoral, and a slap in the face of justice.


Harold said...

1. none of the money is going to the goldmans. 2. we need to stop murderers from profiting. fox needs to be stopped. 3. we need to contact all fox advertisers and let them know how we feel and let them know if they continue to advertise on fox we arent buying. 4. if we boycott fox advertisers now this will not get on the air.

Barry Leiba said...

Thanks for the comment, Harold.

And here's Eugene Robinson's take on it, from today's Washington Post.

Janeen said...

You heard they dropped the project, no?

Barry Leiba said...

Yep. and I've done another blog post about it.