Sunday, January 07, 2007


Quote quonfusion

My apologies to my readers who're Internet Explorer users: I've just found out that IE (up to version 6, at least) doesn't support the <q>...</q> block, which is what I've sometimes used to put things in quotation marks. This should work in all browsers, I think: “...”, and so I'll use that in the future. But some of my earlier posts have things that were meant to appear within quotation marks, and which do so appear to Firefox users... but IE users see 'em without.

I've gone back and updated the posts that use <q>...</q>, and switched them (and so, my apologies to those who use the Atom/RSS feed, and are seeing them show up as updated). Anyway, it's just one more reason y'all should switch to Firefox, hm?


Paul said...

I use the full tag: <.blockquote><./blockquote> (dot added to confound the html)

Barry Leiba said...

<blockquote> isn't the same as <q>. I use the former all the time — it's what sets the quotations off in indented boxes. The latter just puts quotation marks around inline text, and can be used to handle nesting and language-dependent quoting styles (as opposed to hard-coding the quotation-mark characters, as I've now switched to).

For example, this:
<q>I prefer <q>real</q> chocolate.</q>
would be rendered like this:
“I prefer ‘real’ chocolate.”