Thursday, February 22, 2007


Two education-related blogs of note

I've recently started following two education-related blogs that I'd like to point out specifically here.

On Sicheii Yazhi, teacher Eric Hoefler writes about a variety of topics, much of it centered around education. What he has to say is interesting and well-written, and I'm glad I started reading it. Some recent highlights to start off with:
Response to “In Defense of NCLB”
Working Backwards to Assessment
Coyote Teaching
Making a Bad Date

A woman who teaches Spanish and calls herself “Miss Profe” escaped from the restrictions of school-based discussions to start her blog, It’s A Hardknock Teacher’s Life, in December. New as it is, it's already got a number of good entries (and Miss Profe's still playing with the layout; I have to say that I don't like the scheme that's current as I write this, but, then, I read it through the feed anyway). As she's a “teacher of colour”, diversity issues show up often, and that's one aspect that keeps me interested. Start with these:
Blogalicious, where she explains why she started blogging.
Come On, Be Colored For Us
Black Guilt
The Same Old Same Old

I've added these to the “blogs I read” list over there on the side.


Miss Profe said...

Thank you, Barry, for the mad props! I really appreciate it. I haven't written anything in a few days. However, since being back at schoo, there's new material just waiting to be blogged. So, I hope that I will continue to post entries that keep you coming back.

Miss Profe:)

Re: the layout. I realize that not everyone is feeling it, but, it is the one which speaks to me the best. Thank you for finding a way around it.:)

Eric Hoefler said...

I second Miss Profe's sentiments ... thank you very much for the compliment. Now pressure is on to say something good, right?

I'm enjoying your writing, as well.