Wednesday, March 28, 2007


A few Prague photos

I'm back from Prague, and had a nice time touring the city on foot and with camera. I'd like to have done the daily photo that's been usual when I've travelled, but the wireless Internet, which my hotel said they had, wasn't working for me. Instead, here are a few photos in one bunch; click on each for the full-sized version.

Old Town Square, Prague

Old town square
Staroměstské náměstí


Astronomical Clock, Prague

The astronomical clock

Prague Castle & Charles Bridge

Prague Castle, Charles Bridge
Pražský Hrad, Karlův Most


Vltava and its bridges, Prague

Vltava and its bridges

Relaxing by the river, Prague

Relaxing by the river


Old Town Square at disk, Prague

Old town square at dusk
Staroměstské náměstí


Ray said...

Welcome back!

I really like the clock photograph (and the French language connection is plain to see: Orloje vs l'horloge), but I think you're lucky to have survived your trip by the looks of those two characters in the lower left corner of the shot :-) One of them looks particularly sinister and seems to be giving you the evil eye.

Michelle said...

Hey, I know that place. Lovely photos, I'm jealous.

Barry Leiba said...

So I should add that I had the opportunity to meet Michelle on Sunday, while I was there, and to have a few beers and talk. Great fun to meet a blogger across the world, and to see what there is to say in person.

Prague Hotels said...

Very nice pictures of Prague, especially Charles Bridge. It's so amazing and difficult to believe that in was constracted so long ago and still in good condition.