Friday, April 27, 2007


Careful what you put on YouTube

I've said before that I often watch the France 2 news on my local educational TV channel. On yesterday's show, they reported about a motorist who was arrested for speeding after he posted his bragging video on YouTube. While they still have the video for 26 April up, for about a week, you can click on the France 2 link, choose that show from the drop-down list, and select the third item, “Un chauffard découvert grâce à internet” (a reckless driver discovered thanks to the Internet).

It seems that a police officer, surfing the web on his off-duty time, found a video on YouTube that boasted about how fast the user's car could go. It showed the dashboard and the view out the windshield as the speedometer clearly showed 225 KPH. The officer recognized the section of road and got enough information from the video to be able to track down the driver.

For going 225 in a 110 zone, the driver can get a heavy fine, as well as a year in prison for reckless endangerment.

Quel con.


Maggie said...

Ha! I love that. It reminds me of those News of the Weird stories about stupid criminals, like the ones who write a hold-up note on the back of their bank statement.

Michelle said...

Just goes to show.. bragging about your exploits, whatever way you choose to do it, will get you caught sooner or later.