Monday, June 25, 2007


Man with lost pants loses suit

Our tort system is not completely effed-up after all. The idiot who started this mess — himself a judge, no less — took some suits to the dry cleaner two years ago, and they lost the trousers from one of the suits. They claim to have found them, but the customer/judge/plaintiff, Roy Pearson, says that they tried to pass off a pair of cheap pants for the real ones. He demanded compensation. So far, that's all fine.

But then Mr Pearson made ever-escalating demands, and refused to accept reasonable — and then unreasonably large — compensation, eventually declining an already insane $12,000 settlement. He wanted... are you ready for this?... $54 million in compensation, which included his time in preparing this case, an analysis of how much of his time it will cost to travel to another dry cleaner's shop, as well as the cost of a rental car to do so (since he obviously can't use this one any more), and, of course, punitive damages. 54 million dollars. For a dispute about a pair of pants. I think he's trying to rival Paris Hilton in stupidity.

Happily, the real judge who caught the case has dismissed the lawsuit, and is making Mr Pearson pay the costs incurred by the owners of the dry-cleaning shop. Sense has prevailed.

The National Labor Relations Board is trying to get Mr Pearson disbarred. We can only hope. He certainly doesn't deserve to practice law nor judgery.

I dunno, maybe he can get himself on Larry King.


Anonymous said...

What is your source for the assertion that the National Labor Relations Board is seeking to have this man disbarred?

Frisky070802 said...

Agreed on all counts. What a turkey.

Barry Leiba said...

Uh, anonymous, it's right there in the linked article from the BBC: "The National Labor Relations Board has called for Mr Pearson to be disbarred so that he can no longer serve as a judge."

Arne Paul said...

actually know the Chungs and congratulated them on their victory today, saying I thought the value Pearson had placed on his pants was absurd. They thanked me and then I told them to be extra careful cleaning my 8 million dollar shirt….

scouter573 said...

I couldn't write this kind of stuff for a creative writing class, and this judge comes up with it all on his own. Impressive.

It will be interesting when a lawyer goes back and challenges a decision the judge made based on the fact that the judge is disbarred.