Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Traitor Joe's

Yes, I sure hope my neighbours in Connecticut are well aware of what they did by sending “Independent” Joe Lieberman back to the senate instead of Democrat Ned Lamont, who defeated Senator Lieberman in the Democratic primary election last year.

Yesterday, “Independent Joe” voted with the Republicans against the no-confidence resolution against Attorney General Gonzales:

The vote was largely along party lines. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut, joined most Republicans in voting against proceeding with the resolution.

Way to go, Joe. OK, it's true that it wouldn't have passed whichever way Senator Lieberman had voted, and it's a rather hollow thing anyway. Still, he's shown us once again that he's a Bush toady. AG Gonzales deserves no confidence at all, and Joe Lieberman would have properly served his state if he'd backed that resolution.

For what it's worth, Chris Dodd, Connecticut's other (Democratic) Senator, did not vote (neither did Delaware's Joe Biden nor Barak Obama of Illinois; hm, presidential candidates all, imagine that).

I hope Connecticut is happy.


Ray said...

As a test of the strength of my heart, I occasionally tune in to "talk radio" while I'm driving, and quite often I hear that Lieberman is going to be a guest on one or other of those outrageous "shows" - the most recent was Hannity's monstrosity this past weekend.

I've even heard him on one of these programs, and I was utterly blown away. At first I thought it must be a sound-alike rabid republican, but no, it was flaming Joe himself spewing things I never thought I would ever hear from someone who professes to be a Democrat (in either sense of the word). He is a total disgrace.

The Ridger, FCD said...

Lieberman ought to give people's money back.

He's a perfect example of why - at this point in time at least - "voting the man not the party" is such a horrible mistake. He and others, like Chafee and Snowe, who profess to be moderate but toe the White House line... though I'm not sure how moderate Joe claims to be these days.

Barry Leiba said...

But for what it's worth, both Senator Snowe and Senator Collins voted for the resolution. (Ya gotta love those Maine Republicans....)