Sunday, July 01, 2007



Well, I'm home from Seattle, but what a drive from the airport! It seems that a truck carrying a load of watermelons was rear-ended by a car, in the middle of the Tappan Zee Bridge some time before 7 p.m. The truck managed to flip over the median and burst into flames. The truck driver was killed and the bridge is closed in both directions — possibly through morning rush hour tomorrow. By the time I got to the area around 9:30, of course everything was messed up all 'round. Traffic was diverted to the Bear Mountain Bridge, and it took 45 minutes to go the last mile there.

But home I got, and here's a quick Seattle photo before I turn out the lights:



Miss Profe said...

Glad you're home, safe and sound.

I visited Seattle in Dec. 2006 to attend a conference. It is a fabulous place! Did you have dinner at the revolving restaurant at the Space Needle? The view is tremendous!

Barry Leiba said...

I was up in the Space Needle many years ago (in the 1980s), but not this time. I did get some nice halibut cakes at a seafood restaurant called "Chinook's at Salmon Bay".