Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Opting out of spam

Here's some spam I got yesterday afternoon, with very odd “opt out” instructions:
From: Creative New York
Subject: Subject: New York, New York

It's summer.
New York is very busy with a lot of tourists.

Please click below to see DVD video and CD-ROM
of New York.


Please come to New York and enjoy in this summer.

Thank you.

Editor of New York video

*If you don't want to get a mail again,
please return this mail.
Thank you.
So, “Frank” is clearly not a native English speaker. But what do you suppose “please return this mail” might mean?

Ah, well, never mind. I guess I'll just delete it, hm?

P.S.   If you want to visit New York City, allow me to suggest spring or autumn. You do not want to come here in the summer!

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