Sunday, August 05, 2007


I'm on the radio (in German)

Deutschlandfunk, the German equivalent to NPR, interviewed me briefly by phone on Wednesday morning, and talked with Jim Fenton and Dave Crocker also, for an item about DKIM. The item was broadcast on Saturday afternoon. There's an audio file of it (mp3) and a text transcript. Both are in German, of course, but you can hear Jim, Dave, and me briefly before the German voice-over starts. The title means, roughly, “Pulling spam out by the root”, and the subtitle is “new signature system helps eliminate junk email”.

I find it interesting that these media outlets — first the Chicago Tribune, which had an article about the IETF that I linked to near the beginning of this post, and now German public radio — are talking about DKIM to the general public like this. It's encouraging, and it should push the deployment of DKIM as word gets around... but I wonder how much of the general public really understands what's going on here, despite our attempts to explain it in simple terms.

In any case, the media think it's good to tell people about it, and that makes me happy.

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Dr. Momentum said...

Spam is an increasingly annoying problem, and I guess people are increasingly interested in what can be done about it.