Friday, August 17, 2007


One more Macbook thing

Oh, in this post, I forgot a third item about the Macbook hardware that drive me bats:

Mac computers started out with one-button mice. I get that: simplicity. Thing is, two-button mice have been supported for some time now, and the OS X user interface makes important use of the second button.

So why on Earth did they design a laptop, in these days of OS X and two-button support, with only one mouse button?

You get the “right click” with a two-finger tap on the track-pad, but it's still not as easy as having two buttons. There's just no excuse for the one-button design.


Maggie said...

What's the second button for? I thought it was to mess me up.


Barry Leiba said...

Right, it's to give you too many options:
Soup, or salad?
What kind of dressing?
Fries, baked, mashed, or rice?
Butter and sour cream?
Dessert and coffee are only $1.50 extra, you want that?
Bread pudding, apple pie, or ice cream?
Chocolate, vanilla, or orange sherbet?
You want nuts on top?
Decaf or regular?
Milk? Sugar?

Jim said...

Um, there is also the option (at least on the Macbook, I don't know about the Macbook Pro) to have two fingers on the touchpad for the secondary click. I find this to be more natural, as I then don't have to move my thumb.