Wednesday, September 26, 2007


On their best behaviour


I was having dinner in a restaurant the other evening, and I saw a black family there. I was very impressed by their behaviour! They ordered their food from the menu. They talked in normal voices, never shouted, never loud and obnoxious, no F-words, no N-words. No craziness at all, as a matter of fact. I thought they might pull out a boom box and do some break-dancing on the tables, but no. They actually seemed like regular people, very respectful, just like the white folks who were there. And they even paid for their food before they left!

I see in the Times that Bill O’Reilly had a similarly enlightening experience recently, and mentioned it on his radio show. I never thought I’d agree with Mr O’Reilly about anything, but look at this!



Maggie said...

Holy f-ing crap. I can't believe that man is employed.

Dr. Momentum said...

Why does anyone still listen to this asshat? He should have village idiot status by now, yet he's still on TV.

When I am King, Bill O'Reilly will still have a TV show. Except he will have to actually debate intelligent people for an hour.

Oh, and there's a laugh track.