Saturday, November 03, 2007


It depends on what you pay?

Here you go; try this, if you’re a married guy:

Get your wife “in the mood”. Lead her off to the bedroom. Some time prior to that, you will have arranged to have a few of your poker buddies waiting there — so this does take a bit of advance planning, as you see. The Mrs will likely express surprise, and, unless you’ve done this before, will likely demur. Pay her no mind. In fact, pull out that gun you keep in the nightstand drawer. Using the gun and threats of grievous bodily harm, convince the little lady to let your pals have some fun.

Now see what the wife has to say about it the next day. D’you think she might consider it just a bit of “theft of services”, wifely services, and think it a minor thing? Or might you be more likely to lose something you care about?

Well, if she chooses a legal option and should wind up pleading her case to Philadelphia judge Teresa Carr Deni, you’d get off on the lighter side. It seems that Judge Deni figures that consenting to one bang invites the whole gang. At least it works that way with a prostitute, and I don’t see why that should be different.

No, no: I’m not saying that a wife is like a prostitute. I’m saying, as is the Philadelphia Bar Association, that whatever the arrangements are, consent for sex is limited. And if you exceed those limitations, in any situation... it’s rape.

How on Earth can a judge think otherwise?

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Maggie said...

Yikes! She thought being raped at gunpoint was equivalent to consensual sex, the only difference being the woman wasn't paid?

So if a dentist punches you in the mouth, do you owe him for extracting your teeth?

If somebody beats the judge up and forces her to try a case at gunpoint, the verdict is valid?

That is very upsetting.