Saturday, December 08, 2007


Germany at war with England!

Well, but only with Ferris wheels:

Berlin officials broke ground this week for the construction of the Great Berlin Wheel, a 600-feet Ferris wheel that will top the London Eye by more than 160 feet to become the largest in Europe. It will be near the Berlin Zoo, on the western edge of Tiergarten Park. When it opens in about two years, it will have 36 air-conditioned cars, each capable of carrying 40 passengers. A ride around the wheel will take 35 minutes.
So, go bring 39 friends and a lot of beer, und haben Sie eine gute Fahrt.

I fear, though, what the next escalation might be....

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scouter573 said...

The Ferris Wheel idea is a pretty cool one. I must admit I was skeptical of the London Eye, but it's really quite worth the visit. I'm not sure I'd spend hours and hours standing in line, but it is well worth a carefully planned visit. Further, the Ferris Wheel in Place de la Concorde (pardon my French) is likewise worth a visit. Of course, I'm biased as I grew up in St. Louis (see the history).