Sunday, December 02, 2007


Portions, a follow-up

To my post the other day about too-large portions, The Ridger commented thus:

I can’t remember when I last didn’t get at least one more meal out of my restaurant serving. Sometimes there’s enough to piece out a third meal. In Texas I saw 22 oz steaks on the menu. It’s absurd. Who could possibly eat 22 ounces of meat plus potatoes?
Ah, and that reminds me of a story.

Close to 15 years ago (my, but time does fly!), some of my co-workers spent a couple of months working at a programming office we used to have in the Dallas area. When they got back, one of them told me of a (famous?) steakhouse there, where they got 35-ounce steaks (about a kilogram, which is probably where they got that number). The conversation went something like this:

Me:   Wo! 35 ounces? How could you eat that much steak? And what about all the other stuff?

Him:  Oh, they gave us the potato and cole slaw and bread, and all that, but we didn’t eat any of it. We just ate the steak.

Me:   But I like the potato and the cole slaw and the bread, and all that!

Him:  They also had a 52-ounce steak [about 1.5 kilograms], but we didn’t get that. If you eat that one, they give you a pass for a free meal next time.


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