Saturday, December 22, 2007



Seven deer in my back yard

There were seven of them out in my back yard yesterday morning. Can you find them all in this photo? (Click to see it full-sized, of course.)


Ray said...

Yes, I see um... but where's Wally?

Barry Leiba said...

Mm, that'd be "Waldo". And I think he's in the house in the distance, having coffee and a croissant.

Ray said...

The original (British) version was "Where's Wally?". For some strange reason, the name was changed to "Waldo" for the US market. It has always baffled me why such a change was deemed necessary.

Barry Leiba said...

Ha, and here I thought that we must have had the original, because something so astoundingly, um, clever could only have come from these Yew-nited States.

I have now learned otherwise.