Saturday, January 26, 2008


Doing the numbers thing

We like numbers, we people.

6 foods you should eat more of. The top 10 presidents. 8 random facts, 4 main food groups, top 40 pop songs. 5 movies nominated for Best Picture. 31 flavours, 57 varieties.

Lose 10 pounds in 15 days. Tight abs in 12 minutes a day. Cook delicious meals in 20 minutes, make perfect rice in 5 minutes, get a 10-minute oil change. The 44th U.S. President will be sworn in on the 20th of January next year, and on the 30th of April the pundits will all be looking at how the first 100 days went, and what the new president accomplished.

And today, this blog is 2 years old. Yes, the first posts here were on the 26th of January 2006. Spurious George still hasn’t been impeached (though Dennis Kucinich is trying), but we have two years behind us of staring at non-empty pages. Two years of outrage, of humour, of techie-geek commentary, of occasional photos, and of whatever else it’s struck me to post nearly every day for the past two years.

And two years of you, you folks out there who are reading this. There are more of you than I ever thought there would be, and I’m honoured that you’re interested, honoured that you’re regularly coming back and reading what I have to say.

Thank you! Thank you so much, and I hope you’ll keep coming back, and that I’ll continue to keep you interested.


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Dr. Momentum said...

Here's to 2 years of staring, and many more to come.

Ray said...

Happy Anniversary!