Thursday, January 31, 2008


Lucidity happens


Mike Huckabee actually says something intelligent. Listen to the audio here, near the beginning:

It’s only a two-person race if the national media tries to pick the president for the people. It’s absurd to let this become a play-yard shouting match between John McCain and Mitt Romney. I have almost as many delegates as either one of them. This is a delegate race. It takes just under 1200 delegates to get the nomination, and nobody has more than 90. I think it’s absurd for the media to say, “Oh, this is a two-man race.” And frankly, I think it’s the American people getting cheated, if that’s their spin on this.

Of course, it’s self-serving, and he wouldn’t be saying it if he were one of the candidates on whom the media were focusing. But it’s true, nonetheless, and it’s what I’ve been saying in these pages recently.

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