Sunday, March 23, 2008


A little bit of Paris in the moonlight

Something light for a Sunday: when I saw this set of photos, I had a mixed response, on the one hand thinking that this is someone with more time than sense, and on the other hand thinking that it’s really cool, and quite artistic.

The first photo is titled “Honey, I’ve shrunk Paris,” and the caption translates thus:

A few kilometres from Montauban, in a village of 650 residents, a small Paris competes with the capitol. Built in a family garden, this miniature city is the work of an impassioned man, Gérard Brion, who has spent more than 14 years on this extraordinary construction site, financed by truffle-gathering.

Be sure to click through all 14 photos (numbers at the bottom). I especially like the fact that he’s re-created the perpetual traffic jam at the Place de la Concorde (photo 11).


lidija said...

Very creative and eerily realistic.

Julietta said...

His wife must hate him.