Sunday, May 04, 2008


After NDoP

And so, having had a successful and prayer-filled National Day of Prayer last week, the first of May, I’m confident that we’ll see no more news items like these in future:

Virus Kills 22 Children in China
15 Dead, 49 Injured in Tour Bus Crash in Hong Kong
7 European and Canadian Tourists Killed in Egypt Bus Accident
70 Killed in Train Collision in China
Pakistan: Train Derails; at Least 50 Dead
Passenger Train Derails in Congo, Killing 100 and Trapping Others
South Africa: 9 Killed in Mine Accident
5 French Mountaineers Die in Avalanche in Italy


Oh, wait: my mistake. NDoP’s mission is only to pray for America and its leadership. All that stuff in those news stories doesn’t count. Sorry about that.


Ray said...

Damn, Barry. I thought I was cynical, but... I'm in awe.

Oh, wait, it isn't cynical when it's true. Strike my comment.

briwei said...

You know, Barry, my MIL would say that it was a good thing we prayed. Things would have been much worse without.

We were in a car accident after we had done a 'traveling prayer'. When we got back on the road in a new car, we had to do another prayer. Because the first one was the reason nobody was seriously hurt.