Tuesday, June 03, 2008


An end... of something

It’s celebration day today, in the U.S. Celebration of the last day of our primary election looniness, the most protracted first round of presidential elections in the history of the known universe. And it’s finally over, at least the election part. There still remains the decision about how it all turned out.

Reports are, as I heard on the radio earlier today, that Senator Clinton plans to concede the nomination to Senator Obama tonight, after the polls close in South Dakota and Montana. She’ll do that, they said, “without formally ending her campaign,” whatever that means.

So I’m sure there’ll still be some craziness. But it will be so nice to have this phase of it finished.


lidija said...

"But it will be so nice to have this phase of it finished."

No, it won't.

scouter573 said...

re: without formally ending her campaign.

When she ends her campaign, she effectively (and legally) ceases collecting donations. As she has over $10 million on loan to her campaign, she probably wants to pick up a few more donations so that she gets those loans repaid.