Sunday, July 06, 2008



Romanian Village Re-Elects Dead Mayor

Residents of a village in Romania re-elected their mayor even though he had died. The mayor had run the village for almost two decades, but just after Sunday’s voting began, he died of liver disease. That news did not deter supporters, who gave him a 23-vote win over a living opponent.
Not the first time for that sort of thing. In 2000, John Ashcroft was so unpopular that he lost his senate seat to Mel Carnahan, even though Governor Carnahan had been killed in a plane crash a few weeks before the election. Mel’s wife, Jane, served in the senate in her late husband’s stead (and Ashcroft was promptly appointed Attorney General by King George).

Pointers to this fortnight’s blog carnivals:

They’re dropping like flies, they are. The Carnival of Mathematics appears to have gone now, as well. Sigh.

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