Sunday, August 31, 2008



The village of Irvington, NY, has just put out its fall/winter activities calendar. In December, a children’s theatre group will be presenting, according to the brochure, “101 Dalmations”.

Dalmatia is a region in Croatia, and the breed of dog is named for it. The dog is not like the Temptations, nor the Locomotion, nor Conjunction Junction.

They’re Dalmatians, with an “a”.

[They spell it correctly on the web site; it’s the printed brochure that’s wrong.]

The Town Hall Theatre will also host three presentations of “Pippin” in November; I think I’ll have to see that.


Laurie said...

I had a wonderful Dalmatian for years. I also had a t-shirt with a picture of a group of Dalmatians in church with the preacher Dalmatian saying, "And he said unto them, Bad Dogs. No, No!" The caption underneath said, "Hellfire and Dalmations." I wore it to threads misspelling and all, and still have it in the closet.

I googled it and found it! They've corrected the spelling sometime in the last 15 years.

filip2307 said...

The title caught my attention. I always wondered how it happened from etymological point of view that in Czech we spell the word as "dalmatins" (with neither 'a' nor 'o').

Barry Leiba said...

Laurie, thanks for the link to the t-shirt/cartoon. Very funny!

Filip, it's common for us to anglicize names, when they seem odd to us. Torino becomes Turin, Venezia becomes Venice, Praha becomes Prague. Vltava becomes Moldau. No, wait, that one's different.

Anyway, so "Dalmatia" has the right ending to sound good as a name in English. And then something from Dalmatia is, in English, Dalmatian.

I have no idea, of course, what the Dalmatians called their land or themselves. Maybe it's more like it is in Czech, or maybe not.

scouter573 said...

I love Pippin. I first discovered the original cast album. I didn't really understand the plot, because I was quite surprised when I finally saw the production. Enjoy!

"We've got foibles and fables to portray" - is that the new motto of the McCain-Palin campaign?