Thursday, September 25, 2008



On Monday’s Morning Edition on NPR, we got to hear a clip of Senator Schumer using a very strange verb:

Frank [Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), chair of the House Financial Services Committee] wants the bill to limit executives’ compensation at the financial firms getting bailed out. He also wants a special tax on those making over $1 million a year to help offset the cost of the bailout.

Another leading Democrat, New York Sen. Charles Schumer, seemed to throw cold water on Frank’s wish list during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

“We will not Christmas-tree this bill,” Schumer said. “The times are too urgent. Everyone has their own desires and needs. It’s going to have to wait.”

“To Christmas-tree”. Yes, verbing continues to weird language.

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Jim Fenton said...

Indeed. I just read a document yesterday referring to "dogfooding [1]."

Proposed definition:

[1] dogfood vi To use one's own technology. Derived from the phrase "eating one's own dogfood."

Barry Leiba said...


But, of course, I hate the “eat our own dog food” expression anyway, because it is, itself, a corruption of “eat our own cooking,” which got turned into “eat our own food,” which wound up becoming “dog food” for reasons that I can't fathom (I guess someone thought it was cute/funny/whatever).