Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Storm King Art Center

Two sculptures by Mark di SuveroSome 45 minutes from where I live is the Storm King Art Center, a 500-acre outdoor sculpture museum. I went there with some friends on Saturday.

In contrast to the Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey, which shows mostly smaller pieces, much of the art at Storm King is massive, really taking advantage of the expansive fields and the open sky.

Here’s a link to a satellite view of the park.Goldsworthy, 'Storm King Wall' Pan down, south, to the edge of the treeline, to see Storm King Wall, by Andy Goldsworthy, as it snakes through the trees. Zoom in and pan around the park, and you can see many of the huge sculptures, large enough to be visible in the satellite images.

I’ve posted some photos of my favourites to my Picasa album, and I’ve carefully geo-tagged them to get you right to the spot where the sculpture is (rather than to the spot I was standing when I took the photo).

If you’re in the area, the Storm King Art Center is definitely worth a visit.


Laurie said...

I saw the Andy Goldsworthy documentary, Rivers and Tides a few years ago. He's incredible. It's absolutely heartbreaking when his beautiful ephemeral art floats away/melts/falls apart,etc. I remember the wall, but I didn't know where it was. Great photos!

julia said...

Great pictures! I loved visiting Storm King and took a whole bunch myself and then my data card destroyed them in a fit of pique. Thanks for posting these!