Monday, October 06, 2008


The Chinese taints have gone too far

We’ve seen unsafe products galore, from China, and tainted foods, and, most recently, tainted milk. It’s just gone over the edge, though. They’ve despoilt one of the staples of the modern diet, food without which one might as well pack it in.

There’s now tainted chocolate.

BEIJING (AFP) — British sweet maker Cadbury said Monday it ordered a recall of China-made chocolates over safety fears in the latest fallout from the ever-widening scandal over tainted Chinese dairy products.

The company issued the recalls in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia after internal tests "cast doubt" on the safety of chocolates made in the company’s Beijing plant, it said in a statement.

If chocolate isn’t safe, what will become of the world?

[No, really: this stuff is no laughing matter. China needs to be totally cut off in exporting to the rest of the world until it can fix its problems in ways that can be demonstrated and monitored.]

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