Saturday, March 28, 2009



My flights to and from San Francisco offered GoGo, an in-flight wireless Internet service (of which I did not partake). They played an advertisement for it on the television screens, at the beginning of the flight. It’s easy to use, the ad said. Simply turn on your WiFi, once you’re told it’s OK to use electronic devices. Fire up your browser, as is usual with these things, and follow the instructions. And pay, of course. But the strange bit came at the end of the ad:

Just remember: cellular, bluetooth, and other wireless devices may not be used in flight.
Say what?

Pointers to this fortnight’s blog carnivals:

Interestingly, both Carnivals of Education this time have screwed up the numbering. That’s probably because many of the hosts don’t post the sequence number, and they’ve gotten confused. So, Educator Blog calls it both the 207th (in the title) and the 178th (in the subtitle) at the same time, while Uncomfortable Adventures says hers is the 214th. They are, in fact, the 215th and 216th, respectively.

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Marcy Webb said...

Hey, Barry.

Thank you for the info. re: GoGo, and for setting us straight re: the Carnival of Education. Things with that particular carnival appear to be in some disarray.