Friday, April 03, 2009


High-tech at the top

Technology has certainly made its way to the leaders of the world. We heard a great deal, in January, about President Obama’s fight to keep his BlackBerry. Well, the other day I saw a news video of him speaking to reporters in London, and one could hear the characteristic sound of a mobile phone interfering with the audio system.

And also while the Obamas were in London, we heard that they gave the queen an iPod as a house gift. Reports are that she already has one, but this will be unique: it’s loaded with photos from her 2007 U.S. trip. Of course, one might presume that she already has plenty of those, too, but, well, it’s the thought that counts.

One could say that, too, for what she gave the Obamas, of course: the same (low-tech) autographed photo of herself that she gives to all VIPs who visit.

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Jim Fenton said...

Sounds like an improvement, though, over the collection of 25 DVDs that he gave Gordon Brown that would only play in North American DVD players.

Seriously, though, what do you get as a gift for somebody at that level? I certainly wouldn't want that job.