Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For a different sort of man

Ever hear of a magazine called Men’s Journal? I hadn’t, until I was in the barber shop a month or so ago. As I waited my turn (and wondered whether the guy ahead of me hadn’t already finished — he hadn’t), I glanced at the mag on the top of the pile, there on the table next to me. Under it was the expected assortment of Sports Illustrated and its brothers, but on top was something I’d not seen before.

I didn’t actually pick it up and leaf through it: the cover alone told me that it was not for me, that the “Men” in the title were of a different sort than I am.

Here were its highlights, approximately in order of prominence:

  • Alaska’s First Dude — Hard-Core Snowmobiling with Todd Palin
  • Gourmet Blood Sport — How to Kill and Cook a Wild Boar
  • The Secret Mission that Defeated the Taliban
  • The NASA Workout

I’m sure there was lots more inside, too. And not a word of it of any interest to me.


Anonymous said...

Men's Journal - the title implies something intellectual. Obviously, there isn't much along that vein, at least based on what you've posted.

The Ridger, FCD said...

not a word of it of any interest to [you]??

What? Not even "The Secret Mission that Defeated the Taliban"?

I'm wondering how they managed to grab that soldier if they've been defeated...