Sunday, August 30, 2009



Would you let a seven-year-old take your SUV out on the road? Sylvain, of Québec, did, and put the video on YouTube.

The video was made two years ago, while the family was on a remote logging road to a lake in Quebec’s North Shore region. In the back seat, the boy’s mother is shown with a toddler on her lap, fretting and warning that little Samuel is going too fast and that there are ravines on the side of the road. Sylvain responds on the video by describing her as “a real mother hen.” He is also heard congratulating his son for reaching 70 km/h. [45 MPH]

Sylvain explained Tuesday, “They weren’t ravines. They were little ditches.” The boy drove “40 maximum,” [25 MPH] he said. “Yes, I said he was going 70, but that was just a joke. I would never have let my son drive that fast.”

Oh, well, that’s OK, then, eh?

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