Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Labor Day fireworks

The U.S. Military Academy band plays their final outdoor concert of the season at West Point on Labor Day weekend. Here’s a sampling of the fireworks from Saturday’s show (click to see the full size):

Fireworks at West Point

And here are four images from a single sequence, showing how one unit exploded. I like the way this came out:

Fireworks at West Point


Brent said...

Great pictures!!

Laurie said...

I was going to say what Brent said. Now I have to think of synonyms for great. How about about brilliant? That works on a couple of different levels.

Brilliant pictures!

Call me Paul said...

I don't get it...Labour Day fireworks? Someone around here was shooting fireworks off last weekend, too, and I just don't understand. Fireworks are traditionally used to celebrate July 4th in the United States, are they not? Here in Canada they used to be set off on May 24th to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday, and now on July first (Canada Day). But these days it seems that every long weekend you hear the pops and bangs of fireworks being set off. As far as I'm concerned, it's wrong. It lessens the specialness of the important holidays we traditionally used fireworks to celebrate.

Barry Leiba said...

Yeh, I kind of agree. In the case of West Point, I think they're also meant to have the band-concert season go out with a bang, as it were. But in general, yes: we seem to be ratcheting up all of the celebrations.