Saturday, September 19, 2009


A shortcut to mushrooms

I did a hike the other day in the Michael Ciaiola Conservation Area (formerly the Walter G. Merritt County Park), in Putnam County, NY. The land was once owned by Mr Merritt, and the park was renamed in 2002, to honour Mr Ciaiola, who used to be President of the Putnam County Land Trust, and was very active in the preservation of open spaces and the environment.

It was a longer hike than planned: we wound up taking a wrong turn on the trails — more accurately, failing to take a right turn — and going the long way around, having a 5-hour hike instead of a 3-hour one. But it was good to have a longer hike, and that trail gave us a good view toward Connecticut. And the way was just full of many varieties of mushrooms and other fungi. I took lots of photos.

I’ve posted my favourites of the mushroom photos in a Picasa album, and here’s a montage for readers who just want the executive summary (click to enlarge):

Mushroom montage, from the Michael Ciaiola Conservation Area


scouter573 said...

A couple questions born of simple curiosity. Of the mushrooms you found, how many could you name? And how many were safe, how many poisonous? (My background in mushrooms is mainly from the grocery store and from visually interesting things I happen across in the woods.)

A'Llyn said...

Like hobbits, I am fond of mushrooms. Those are gorgeous!

Barry Leiba said...

Andy, I haven't identified any, and I have no idea which of these are edible (and, in any case, I wouldn't be picking them because they're in a conservation area).

I'll be pleased if anyone can help me identify some of them, and I'll put captions on. (The only two photos that have captions right now are the Dutchman's Pipe and the Indian Pipe, neither of which is actually a mushroom (they grow with mushrooms, but are not fungi).