Saturday, October 24, 2009


Some geek humour

Three engineers and three accountants are travelling on business together. They’re going by train, to save money (guess whose idea that was). They get to the train station and the accountants go up and buy three tickets, but the engineers only send one to the counter, and only buy one ticket. As they go to the train, the accountants ask the engineers how they’re all three going to travel on only one ticket. “Watch,” is the reply.

They settle into their seats, and as the train is about to depart the engineers all get up and go into the same bathroom, stuffing themselves in. By and by, the conductor comes along saying, “Tickets, please.” The accountants surrender their tickets, one by one. The conductor gets to the bathroom, knocks on the door, says, “Ticket, please,” and the door opens a crack and one ticket comes out. The conductor moves on.

The accountants are impressed.

On the way home, aiming to use the engineers’ trick, the accountants buy only one ticket. But the engineers buy none, and the accountants are again puzzled. “We can’t all fit in one bathroom!”, they say. “Watch,” is again the reply.

They board the train and get their bags settled, and then the three accountants cram into one bathroom, the three engineers into another. As the train starts to move, one of the engineers leaves his bathroom and goes to the accountants’ bathroom, knocks on the door, and says, “Ticket, please.”