Saturday, November 07, 2009


Hiroshima bound

I’m en route to the IETF meeting in Hiroshima, Japan. There will be blogging in the coming two weeks, but it may be intermittent. Check back periodically, and I’ll definitely be back to normal by the 23rd, if not before.
Hiroshima Dreamination


The Ridger, FCD said...

Enjoy your trip! I've never been further East than Samarkand...

Barry Leiba said...

Or west, as the case may be. "East" makes more sense, since the time is forward, but the time change is +14 from New York, 14 hours east... and "only" 10 hours west. And, of course, I travelled west to get here. (northwest, initially, flying over Anchorage).

Of course, we call it "the East", as it's clearly east of Europe.

Anyway, pay this comment no mind, as it comes before breakfast (7:40 Sunday morning), after a good night's sleep, after 5 hours in trains, after 14 hours in a plane.

There'll be some blog notes on Monday about the travel.

Eliot Lear said...

Enjoy your time there, and I hope to see you in California the next time, Barry!