Saturday, February 27, 2010


Eating your winnings

I had a few ideas for some light Saturday posting, and was deciding which one to go with... when, yesterday, Ray took care of the problem by sending me the hands-down winner.

We don’t expect much from Ryanair — the European discount airline that threatened to install pay toilets in their planes (no, they wound up not following through with that one). But we don’t usually have such low expectations of their passengers.

It seems that an unidentified passenger on a flight “from Poland to the East Midlands” bought a lottery scratch card on board, and found it to be a winner — €10,000 worth (about $13,500, enough to pay for hundreds of Ryanair flights, or 50 on a real airline). One can imagine his jumping up and down, waving his arms, and shouting for joy, as he demanded his money. On the spot. Then and there, in flight, on board the plane.

Of course, the crew, as they told him, doesn’t have that kind of money “kicking around the aircraft”, and the company that provides the cards would have to verify his win and pay him some while after landing. Reasonable, one would think.

But not if one were this passenger. The delay infuriated him, and, so, he did what any sane person consummate loon would do: he ate his winning ticket, ensuring that if they wouldn’t pay him his winnings now then, by God, they wouldn’t get to pay them to him ever!

That’ll show them!

On the good side, the €10,000 will now go to charity. Silver lining, and all that.

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