Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Follow up: Who’s not on the Internet?

Have you been waiting for Verizon to install FiOS in your area? Eager to snag their lightning-fast broadband service, remove yourself from the ranks of the disconnected, or perhaps just upgrade from poorly connected?

You have, you are?

Damn. Too bad for you:

If Verizon Communications Inc. hasn’t already started wiring your city or town with its FiOS fiber-optic TV and broadband service, chances are you won’t get it.


That means Verizon will continue to pull fiber to homes in Washington, D.C., New York City and Philadelphia — projects that will take years to complete — but leaves such major cities as Baltimore and downtown Boston without FiOS.


That will still leave a third of its service area (excluding the territories it is selling) without fiber. And as Verizon has signaled this month that it’s focusing on communities where it already has franchises, it’s now becoming clear which ones are in and which are out.

So... those of you who still struggle with dial-up, or with unreliable, relatively slow broadband access will still have to wait for some FCC mandate or other government intervention.


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