Saturday, March 13, 2010


I ♥ NY, hellholes and all

For the latest example of People With More Time Than Sense, we look in my back yard, turning to the mayor of Peekskill, New York. Mayor Mary Foster took great offense at a Saturday Night Live sketch in which a mock Governor Paterson said, “Well, I’m going to do a farewell tour of upstate New York — hellholes like Plattsburgh and Peekskill.”

Rather than embracing the joke and rolling with it, Ms Foster decided to prove that being mayor doesn’t really entail much, and leaves her time to worry about this stuff. (Plattsburgh’s Mayor David Kasprzak did embrace the joke, according to the article, making him much funnier than Mayor Foster, but showing that he has even more free time.)

Does she really not know that SNL makes fun of everything? The faux Governor Paterson was also tossing merciless insults at Governor Paterson. Get a job, Mayor Foster (and the six residents who sent her email, complaining).

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HRH said...

Perhaps she has balanced the budget, fixed all the pot holes, lowered the crime, created plenty of employment opportunities and expanded municipal water and sewerage to all area of Peekskill, so what else to do but to fight those silly SNL people! She probably gets paid very well, with great benefits, for this excellent job performance?