Thursday, March 25, 2010


TSA will track us at airports

According to USA Today, the TSA will be doing some tracking of our mobile phones at airports:

The Transportation Security Administration is looking at installing devices in airports that home in and detect personal electronic equipment. The aim is to track how long people are stuck in security lines.

They say that they won’t be tracking beyond that, that they won’t use the full “serial number” that they read, and that they won’t retain the numbers. Assuming, of course, that we trust them to keep to that, and that we believe it won’t change in the future.

It seems to me that this is another reason to turn off the bluetooth support when you’re not using it.

You are doing that, right?


Ray said...

Bluetooth? What's that then? My cell phone is somewhat aged at this point (7 or 8 years old), and I'm careful only to turn it on when I'm expecting a call.

What can I say? :-)

The Ridger, FCD said...

I don't even know what that means, "turn off the bluetooth support". Seriously.

Barry Leiba said...

I suppose I should have said, “turn off the Bluetooth radio,” or “disable Bluetooth.”

Any mobile device with Bluetooth ought to have a way to turn Bluetooth on and off, and it should be turned off (sometimes called “disabled”) when you're not using it. (You should also go into the Bluetooth settings on your device and make it non-discoverable, if it has that option.)

The Ridger, FCD said...

Actually, that wouldn't have helped me. I thought Bluetooth was a brandname for a kind of phone; it wouldn't have occurred to me that any phone had it. My new phone has an option under Media for downloading music via Bluetooth synchronization (or something like that - I'm too lazy to go get the phone), but I've pretty much ignored it since I don't (I thought) own a Bluetooth.

Your original wording made me look at the phone last night and see that I have to set Bluetooth up, which I haven't. Your proposed change wouldn't have.