Monday, May 03, 2010


Never too old

Mary Tattersall has gotten a hole-in-one.

Ms Tattersall is 90, and just started playing golf two years ago. The news media are having fun with this human-interest story, and Ms Tattersall is having fun with all the fuss — I heard her on the BBC World Service radio this morning.

The media, of course, are going with the “amazing feat” thing, but for her part, Mary is being more circumspect. Anyone can, after all, hit a hole-in-one purely by chance. From the Daily Mirror:

Mary, a retired nurse, said: “I don’t think it’s a skill until I’ve done it five times which is unlikely. I’m no Tiger Woods but golf makes me feel alive.”

She certainly sounded very much alive on the radio this morning. Have fun golfing, Ms Tattersall, and we’ll listen for you again after number five!

On the sad side of the news, Lynn Redgrave has died.


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